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The Sacred Pause - A Forrest Yoga Workshop

Nov 4, 2018 10 am - 1:30 pm

Fall and Winter are great seasons to intentionally make “The Sacred Pause”. As the Earth begins to shed leaves and prepare for a long, deep rest, let’s connect to our innermost selves by creating space for us to pause and feel, to reflect on where we find ourselves right now. We will feel for what needs to shift and change from the space we create through the Sacred pause. We will explore which aspects of our lives need space to thrive - are we needing mental space from the constant doing, do our relationships need more space to thrive, where do we need to step back more? We will start this workshop with the Native American ceremony of calling in the Four Directions to set the intent followed by chanting.  We will use a deep, grounding, hip opening practice to feel into deep spaces in our bodies. The asana practice will pay particular attention to how the basic moves in Forrest Yoga contribute to so many layers of space in the body. The practice will end with a delicious, deeply restful yoga nidra that integrates the experience.

Personal Investment - 35 Euros

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