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Evolve is a Forrest Yoga and Mindfulness based studio, that focuses around the body, mind and spiritual nourishment of each individual that walks in through our doors. These practices are used to help individuals ground and connect to the body's wisdom as a means to explore the steps to evolve in various facets of life, leading to a sense of well-being on all levels. Whether you approach these classes looking for a physical workout, or perhaps to deal with physical/emotional pain or an injury or to find practices to quieten the mind and find peace and freedom, you will be sure to find it in this community.

COVID-19 Update

All classes are hybrid - in-person for upto 7 students in-person and simultaneously online.

For In-person attendance:

1. Registration is mandatory - fill in your address and phone number into your account on our registration system. Evolve members will get priority on the spots and are welcome to request recurring reservations.

2. We will follow 2G+ rules starting Nov 27, 2021. Be prepared to show proof of vaccination or being immune from having had Covid, plus a negative covid test not older than 24 hrs, when you arrive.

3. Wear a mask when you enter the studio and until settled on your mat

4. Bring your own mat and props if possible. Otherwise use studio mats/props, disinfect after use and put into closet for 24 hrs before further use.

5. Bring your own water bottle.

For Online Attendance:

All classes are now simultaneously live-streamed online. Look at our schedule and register for online classes. Registered online students will get a zoom link 15 minutes prior to class.

Entry to the Studio

The entrance from Rheinstr now has a locked gate. You need to walk around the building via Hetwigstr and enter from the side (next to the Korean restaurant).