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Forrest Yoga


Forrest Yoga is a contemporary practice, created by Ana Forrest, that combines the ancient practice of yoga and ceremony with modern insight and knowledge into anatomy and body-mind research. The main pillars of Forrest Yoga are - Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.


Breath - We work with exquisite attention to Breath - most of us during our years as an adult, have lost our ability to use the breath as a tool to enliven our cell tissue and find freedom. Forrest Yoga teaches us how to guide the breath with precision into breath-starved parts of our body. The result of working with the breath with this level of focus and care can be profound.


Strength - Forrest Yoga meets you where you are in Strength and flexibility and helps you build your strength through intense but accessible sequences. As the strength that one builds on the mat begins to appear in other aspects of your life, one deals with challenging aspects of one's life with more presence and less fear.


Integrity - Forrest Yoga teaches you to working honestly with your physical and emotional edges - encouraging you to live in integrity with your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Spirit - Forrest Yoga teaches you to hunt for what makes you thrive, for what really enlivens you, for what makes your spirit shine. Once you connect to what your spirit needs to thrive, these aspects of life naturally begin to make their presence known allowing one to evolve in directions that allow one to live in Balance, Beauty and Freedom. For more information on Forrest Yoga - check out !

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