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Class Etiquette:

1. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class - so you give yourself enough time to be able to settle in. Rushing in at the last minute or arriving late is not conducive to the state of mind that we are hoping to arrive at. In Forrest Yoga, we set an Intent at the very beginning of class - this is the crux of the class and gives meaning and focus to the practice. Arriving last minute or late will also negatively impact the intent experience of other students.

2. Bring a mat, a bottle of water to drink, a small towel for sweat. The room is heated to 28 degrees C (85 degrees F) - so be prepared to sweat.

3. Please refrain from wearing colognes, perfumes as some students are sensitive to smells - especially in a practice where we are learning to breathe deeply.

4. Please be conscious of your own body odor - a quick shower before arriving helps and so does fresh, clean yoga clothes.

5. When you arrive, respect the silence that others might want to enjoy once you enter the yoga room.

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