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Connecting Through Vulnerability

A Forrest Yoga Workshop

Dec 17, 2017 10 am - 1 pm

The festivities in December are a time that are challenging to the most grounded among us. From the rush of activities to the multiple triggers that we face as we interact closely with family and friends, this is very often a time that leaves us drained instead of nourished. Connecting back to the Sacred Pause to deepen into our bodies, we will move into a grounded heart opening practice that connects us to our vulnerabilities and our shields. We will explore what it means to soften into our own vulnerabilities, connect to one another through our vulnerabilities and to see each other through our shields and masks. This practice will begin with setting the intent with the Native American ceremony of calling in the Four Directions including chanting and end with a deeply rejuvenating yoga nidra.

Personal Investment: 35 Euros

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