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Embody Spirit And Heart 

A Forrest Yoga Workshop

March 17, 10 am - 1:30 pm

Evolve Yoga Friedenau

Personal Investment: 40 Euros


What makes your heart and spirit soar? We have all had moments of sensing our hearts and spirits soar. And yet it is a practice to learn to live life from this place. Make this workshop a gift to your Spirit, to your heart - each breath, chant, pose a unique way of expressing what your spirit most needs today. Surprise yourself with what your Spirit or heart responds to - what he/she needs to feel that spark of aliveness. Explore what it feels like when you feel the sparkle of aliveness of spirit in every cell of your body. This workshop will start with the Native American Ceremony of setting the intent with the Four Directions, followed by chanting and a deep, all-levels physical practice.

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