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Energizing Your Intents - A Forrest Yoga Workshop

Jan 28, 2018 10 am - 1 pm

Location: Home Studio

Personal Investment : 35 Euros

The month of January is well known for New Year resolutions and intents. So many of us make resolutions and yet most of us find ourselves unable to maintain the resolutions beyond a few weeks. Most of us approach these new year resolutions from a place of lack, from a place of not being good enough. Lets explore how the energy around these intents shift when we approach these intents from a space of “good enough”. It is a curious paradox that when we are willing to accept ourselves where we are, change becomes easier to access. We will explore an energizing practice of twists and build up into very accessible arm balances (all levels), while exploring the felt sense of grounded freedom and feeling enough at a cellular level. As we approach the end of January when we begin to stumble on our intents, this is a wonderful time to recharge with this practice and reground the intents with which we started the new year. We will start with the Native American ceremony of calling the Four Directions and Chanting, follow this with an invigorating asana practice and end with re-grounding our intents with a yoga-nidra practice.

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