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Live in Balance, Walk in Beauty

Moonrise Yoga, Marseille, France

March 7-8, 2020


Who in this day and age has not dealt with chronic tension in some part of the body - be that in the hips, neck, shoulders, jaw, gut, or back? With the fast-paced lifestyle that our generation tends to lead, we are so very often close to or in overwhelm: physically and emotionally. The way we respond to life’s stresses is unique to each one of us and is very connected with our core beliefs. Core beliefs were created during our very early experiences and unconsciously define how we respond to and see the world.

What does it take to live our lives more in Balance and Integrity with everything and everyone around us? What does it take to walk the Earth in Freedom and Beauty - in a way that is emotionally and physically pain free and in peace with our surroundings? The first step to living in Balance and Beauty is connecting at many different layers to the body and the breath. Explore this weekend with Sita Menon - to feel into our chronic stress patterns, our coping mechanisms and core beliefs that lead us to disconnect from the body. Use these practices to return to embodied Balance and Beauty. Any of these practices can be taken as a series or as stand-alone. All practices are All-Levels and variations will be given for any injuries.

Returning home to the body : March 7: 9 - 11:30 am

This workshop will help us disconnect from the mind’s incessant circular activity and leave us deeply grounded in the body, with the nervous system having had an experience of rest and rejuvenation.
We will:


  • Learn to address overwhelm through grounding into feet and legs

  • Move awareness from our typical frenetic thinking patterns lower into the body, sensing more embodiment.

  • Learn mindful grounding to track habitual patterns of holding into neck, jaw and back.

  • Explore emotional holding patterns through the felt sense in the bod

Connect to Core, Heal your back - March 7 - 1 pm - 3:30 pm
The gut, the home for the Enteric Nervous System, which serves as our second brain, absorbs and responds to life’s stresses. This second brain responds to situations even before our primary brain, yet we are largely unaware of its responses. There is also a direct correlation between the gut and the back.

We will:

  • Explore tension in the core and each section of the back using therapeutic, healing backbends.

  • Connect to chronic anxiety and/or emotional holding patterns in your back and gut. Identify core beliefs that live and originate in this area of the body.

  • Learn how to explore the back while maintaining the stabilising forces of grounding and create space around the core and the diaphragm to free the breath.

  • While exploring the back and opening the front of the body, learn to listen to what your heart really needs to find Balance and Beauty.

Inverting the perspective - March 8 - 9 am - 11:30 am

In this workshop, we bring empowerment, lightness and fun by shifting the perspective. The entire world looks different when one is upside down.
We will:


  • Use the grounding from the first two practices to bring in new perspective. When stuck in chronic, circular patterns, inverting can be an empowering practice.

  • Explore inversions in achievable, small steps, using the grounding through legs and core awareness.

  • Connect to our core beliefs of risk aversion and fear. Use this practice to address these patterns in a safe, held environment.

Integrate and Digest - March 8 - 1 pm - 3:30 pm

In this workshop, we will address the new-age generation syndrome -  chronic stress in the neck, shoulders and jaw. We will feel for the interplay between the hips and the neck/jaw and expand the breath from crown to pelvic floor.
We will -


  • Connect deep into the hips with breath and softness, returning to feeling at home in the body, like we did as children, before our coping mechanisms got the better of us.

  • Use this practice of deepening into hips, neck, shoulders and jaw to integrate the learnings and awareness that have risen from the weekend. We will feel into the shifts that are required of us to live more in Balance and Beauty.

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