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Nourishment Through Self-Compassion - A Forrest Yoga Journey
- with Sita Menon -
March 26, 10 am - 1:30 pm
@ Evolve Yoga and Online
Personal Investment: 45 Euros

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As a generation we are exemplary at plugging through life putting exacting goals and expectations on ourselves - perfect parent, perfect partner, perfect employee, perfect student. I know I personally did this for years. The higher the expectations I had of myself, the higher the implicit expectations I had of those around me. Working with self-compassion does not mean that we no longer have goals - it just means the energy with which we approach goals is different and softer. We are more accepting of limitations, we are softer when we fall. The more we work with self-compassion, the more we can nourish ourselves as human beings, the more we can support ourselves and our backs. Join me in this workshop to connect to nourishment through self compassion - feel into the nourishment of strength through the softness of compassion - as we learn to breath softly into the core and the heart. We will end with a well-earned yoga nidra and some journaling exploring the issues that come up during the practice.

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