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Resilience In Softness - A somatic and Forrest Exploration

with Sita Menon & Alexandra Kleinheinrich

@ Evolve Yoga, Friedenau

Feb 16, 2020, 10 am - 1:30 pm

Personal Investment: 45 Euros


“The soft overcomes the hard. The gentle overcomes the rigid.” Lao Tzu.

Join Sita Menon and Alexandra Kleinheinrich in this exploration of Resilience within Softness. This workshop will begin with an hour of soft somatic exploration to help prepare the subtle layers of the body, led by Alexandra. This will be followed by a strong Forrest Yoga practice, led by Sita, that will lead your awareness into the area of the body below the navel, the lower belly, hips and pelvic floor. The workshop will culminate with an exploratory meditation and journaling.

Meet the interface between the body and emotional layer, to explore what stress does to our systems, when we harden into the body, where do we meet resistance, what does resistance feel like on a somatic level, how does one meet resistance with fluidity and softness, how does resistance organically shift when one meets it with softness, how can one grow one’s strength and resilience through softness

This practice will leave you feeling nourished, grounded and yet feeling internally strong, with access to subtle layers of yourself. Use this experience of softness in your physical and emotional body to re-program your automatic responses to conflict and stressful situations – and to finally become more wakeful and authentic beings in your everyday life.

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