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Workshop Series with Forrest Guardian Sandra Robinson

May 16-17 @ Evolve Yoga Berlin

Personal Investment: 130 E for the weekend or 45 E for single sessions


Connection mind/body – (asana, backbend practice) - Saturday 10 am - 1:00 pm 

Anodea Judith writes in her book “Eastern Body, Western Mind”: “Separated from the experience of our bodies, we are separated from our aliveness, from the experience of the natural world, and from our most basic inner truth.” This 3 hour Forrest Yoga workshop looks at opening up the connection to the bodily experiences by re-aligning the physical body. The workshop intends to create more space in the torso by “telescoping” the ribs, a Forrest Yoga basic move that lifts the rib cage away from the hips, and by re-positioning the head. This in turn might open up the possibility of re-connection to your roots of existence and the feeling of aliveness. The session uses an intense Forrest yoga backbend sequence to invite you to explore your connection to yourself.

Verbal holding/exploration (non-asana) - Saturday 3 pm - 6 pm

The afternoon session invites you to reflect on the morning session and on how you are feeling in the moment. It includes guided writing, sharing in pairs and sharing in the group; concluding with the short talking circle. Even though the session can be attended as a standalone workshop, it will be a lot more effective in conjunction with the Saturday morning session

Being at ease vs. wrestling with the pose - Sunday 10 am - 1:00 pm

This 3-hour workshop explores the idea that exhaustion has become a status symbol in our society and that struggle as representation of success is something we need to strive for. A deep hip sequence will invite you to be more at ease and within your body, to feel more, to allow more and to therefore bring in more joy, space and delight into your practice and life. The invitation is to let go of the wrestling with the practice and with life.

Sandra Bio:

Sandra Robinson is a Forrest Yoga Guardian. She is one of the hand-picked senior teachers of international yoga pioneer Ana Forrest, and offers workshops and teacher training both from her studio in Peterborough and around the world. She has also extensively trained in Body Psychotherapy and is fascinated by how change happens through a deep acceptance of who we are. She has a talent for working with groups, creating a safe environment where students can explore their own process.


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