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Self Acceptance and Change

Jan 13, 2019 10 am - 1:30 pm

@ Evolve Yoga, Berlin


As we prepare to head into the new year, the time is ripe with New Year resolutions of new beginnings and changes. Yet, most new year resolutions never quite hold beyond a few weeks. Most of us approach these new year resolutions from a place of lack, from a place of not being good enough. Lets explore how the energy around these intents shift when we approach these intents from a space of “good enough”. It is a curious paradox that when we are willing to accept ourselves where we are, change becomes easier to access. We will also explore the parts of us that crave change while simultaneously exploring the parts of us resist or protect us from change. From this space of good enough, we will explore the shifts that need to arise as dictated by the body. We will start with the Native American ceremony of calling the Four Directions and Chanting, follow this with an invigorating practice and end with some journaling and a yoga-nidra practice to integrate the realisations from the experience.

Bring paper and pen, 2 mats (one for practice, one to roll up), any noise makers.

Personal Investment: 40 Euros


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