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Spring and New Growth -

Celebrating growth that comes from darker moments of life

A Forrest Yoga Workshop

by Claudine Beckley

April 7, 10 am - 12:30 pm

Personal Investment: 30 Euros


Join Claudine for her first workshop on Sunday, the 7th of April, 10:00-12:30, at Evolve Yoga! Berlin is in the long process of moving into spring. We get glimpses of the winter relief, only to fall back into the gray. Even in this weather whiplash we still see growth. The buds are forming. The ground is warming, and trees are beginning to wake up. Just as our earth moves from the darkness of winter into the new growth of Spring, in this 2.5 hour asana workshop will explore the dark and light of life. This will be a very grounding, yet heart opening practice that will take you deep into feeling with revitalizing twists and invigorating inversions. Sign up now to celebrate our growth that comes out of the darker moments of life.

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