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Re-Igniting Life with Forrest Yoga

Every morning of the last decade, as I popped in my thyroid pill, I have looked at the swelling around my wrists and ankles, the dark circles under my eye with dismay. My body mirrored the fact that I was most ineffective in handling all the anxiety and stress I had been dealing with. Food had become a major stress buster, a solace for the troubled mind. Fatigue, irritability, aches and pains were all signs of health issues settling in. Sudden and drastic increase in weight, edema and dullness were diagnosed as symptoms of Hypothyroidism; neck pain and vertigo were effects of postural spondilosis. Through the years a deep sense of disconnect from the body had set in echoing my restless mind. There was little hope that things could be set right... until Forrest happened .....The genuine concern my dearest friend Sita has for my well being is a good fortune I have cherished since our college days together. I have watched with awe at how Sita has transformed her life with her passion for yoga. Thanks to What’sapp and Skype I was now in touch with her on a regular basis. Her enthusiasm about Forrest yoga was almost infectious and soon she had convinced me into taking up practice. During her last visit to India couple of years back, Sita taught me the fundamentals of Forrest yoga and started me on one of the basic sessions she teaches at Berlin. At the very beginning I was fascinated by its scientific approach and the amount of awareness of one’s own body the style brings. Although I was initially apprehensive of doing the sessions alone, following Sita’s gentle and clear instructions in the recorded sessions on sound cloud was not difficult. Slowly my confidence increased and I started looking forward to my practice. In case of any doubts I did not find it a problem to clarify them with her on Skype. Today I enjoy my regular practice.

The benefits have started creeping in slowly but surely. At the age of 45 , for the very first time a strong urge to set things right ... to be able to feel good about myself has set in with an optimism that it is possible. The changes in me over the past few months have been amazing!!! Physically my body has started toning and relaxing, my complexion has cleared up and softened. My aches and pains visit me less frequently. Most importantly I seem to have finally connected with my body. I have a deep attentiveness of my body’s needs and discomforts. Most importantly I now am aware of my “innervoice” which had been silenced for years by my lifestyle and my own restlessness. It warns me when I am stressed, when I reach out for the extra serving of food I don’t need and it gives me a gentle pat on the back when I pass by a mirror. Forrest yoga and Sita have brought lightness to my body and mind... a skip in my gait. The few kilos lost and my recharged self esteem gives me the motivation to go on. There is hope & excitement of experiencing life in a whole new way...of reigniting life at 45. Thank you Sita .Thank you Forrest yoga.

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